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Best Squeeze Bottles for Acrylic Paint

best squeeze bottles for acrylic paint

Most acrylic paintings begin with a paintbrush, but sometimes we need that precision line or just to have fun with squeezing paint on the canvas. In this article I’ll go over my top picks for squeeze bottles for acrylic paint. There are many options from fine point, to just a basic condiment bottles, so let’s get to it!

LEOBRO Precision Tip Bottles

I have this set and I personally love it. I’ve use it for acrylic painting, as well as my scrapbook collection. It has so many uses that it’s definitely worth the value. They even work with glue, so you can have that precise application. You can find the price and availability here.

This set is definitely a universal tool if you’re into arts, or even any household need. The applicator bottles are the perfect size, and can hold 1 oz/30ml of liquid; perfect for applying on intricate pieces and detail work. These bottles can be filled with acrylic paint, glue, glaze, or other liquids, a must have tool for handmade craft projects

The bottles are made of translucent soft flexible plastic, precision tip is made of rust proof metal, the tip covers do a good job of preventing the liquid from drying. Its fine tip is perfect for applying precise amounts of paint, or glue, or other liquids and its flexible bottle is easy to squeeze, great for quilting, paper crafts, handcrafts and other projects that require small drops

This set comes with 20 precision bottles. They are lightweight, durable, easy to store and use, and universal. I really recommend having this handy for all your craft needs.

User Reviews

This 20 piece set got so many positive reviews that it was hard to summarize all of them. Most buyers said this set helped them not only with their acrylic painting, but around the house as well. They were used to glue small items together, squeeze in glue where you normally wouldn’t be able to, an even for scrap booking.

People who purchased this set commented how durable these bottles were, having them for a while without softening or losing its purpose. Again, if you need those fine lines in your work or however your create your paintings, these bottles are a must.

Pinnacle Mercantile Easy Squeeze Bottles 

We have all seen these bottles, whether at a restaurant or at an arts and crafts store. These bottles are perfect for storing a larger amount of acrylic paint. I have this set as well, and let me tell you, it’s super easy and convenient to grab a bottle ans squeeze away. Here is the price and more info.

This set has a larger opening than the one above. It’s wide-mouth is 1-1/8 inches and makes filling and refilling your paint extremely easy, even without a funnel. They have convenient long red snap on caps that seal shut. For thicker liquids you can trim the nozzle/spout down for a larger dispensing hole and the cap will still snap on

These bottles are very durable and are made from BPA free plastic, food grade-food safe LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) pliable Plastic. They are translucent/opaque in color allowing you to see the contents and are refillable. Plus they are top rack dishwasher safe!

How cool is that, it only makes cleaning up that much easier. The bottle measures 5-3/4 inches in height with a diameter of 2 inches. They are also 100% MADE IN THE USA.

These plastic squeeze bottles are made from LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) plastic recycle code 4. This plastic has a lower density which makes it more pliable and easier to squeeze, but yet just as durable as a more rigid bottle made from high density plastic.

They are great for kids or people with a weaker hand grip. LDPE can also withstand cold temperatures very well but are not ideal for heated liquids. These bottles are strong and have very good impact resistance. The dispensing spout already has a pre-cut hole in the tip, you can easily cut the tip to increase the hole size to accommodate thicker liquids and prevent clumping if your liquids have larger solid particles.

User Reviews

With so many reviews, I cam honestly say this is one of the best squeeze bottles for acrylic paints. They are large in size so they can hold a lot of paint. I love how the plastic feels because it’s not flimsy and I can get a good grip of the bottle without squeezing out unnecessary paint. I have about 20 of these stored with acrylic paint and they have not dried out, or ruined my paint in any way. I absolutely love these!

Belinlen 4 Ounce Plastic Squeeze Bottles

This last set is unique because it’s a smaller size, but it comes with measurements on the bottles, extra caps in case you lose some, and chalk stickers so you can personalize each bottle! Click here to order it before it’s gone.

Now for the perks: This set comes with a 12 pack of 4 oz Plastic Squeeze Bottles with 12 pieces of red tip caps. In case you need extra, they come with extra 6 red caps, 18 chalk labels, 1 Pen, 1 red funnel and 1 cleaning brush. That’s a lot for the value. The material is 100% safe and BPA free. The bottles are made of high quality BPA free and LDPE plastic.

These bottles offer a multipurpose use because they can be used for acrylic painting, in the kitchen and pretty much anything in the craft room! They’re great for condiments, syrups, dressings, oils, vinegar, and sauces. Use them for mess-free arts and crafts by containing glues, adhesives, paints, and glitter.

They’re smaller in size than the ones I mentioned above, so they’re easy to control. The small flow exports make it easy to control the flow of liquid. I’m definitely planning on getting this set! I’m sold by the comfortable grip they give off, plus I can write the name of each of my acrylic paint colors, so that’s a plus.

User Reviews

Everyone loved this product so much, that I literally could not find a negative review. Most buyers stated that they love how small they are, and how comfortable it is to squeeze the paint/liquid. They don’t run or have a messy top off, and they plastic is very durable, not flimsy so it won’t ruin your project. Definitely adding this set to my list, and I will update this article with my own experience.

Do I Need a Precision Applicator Tip?

Depending on the type of project you’re doing, you may want to have a precision applicator tips when applying your paint. Above I included a fine line bottle applicator for those who can benefit from its multi-use function. If you are used to working with tiny brushes or paint markers on canvas to get crisp fine lines, but get tired of uneven applications and paint running out too quickly then this is the solution for you!

Precision Fine line Applicator (Slim 1 oz. bottle)

This option is my ultimate favorite fine lining bottle and is the one I use most often on smaller projects. The slim design of a bottle and the tip is easier to handle, and the plastic is softer and easier to squeeze. I prefer the 20 gauge bottles.

30ml Needle Tip Quilling Glue Bottles

These bottles have a wider opening, but can still perform really well for fine lining. I also use them when making my flower paintings.

These bottles have a wider opening, but can still perform really well for fine lining. I also use them when making my fluid flower paintings.

Tip: When filling these bottles with acrylic paint, you are going to need to dilute your paints a little bit for optimal flow. I use a soft bodied paint like Liquitex Basics mixed with a small amount of water.

For my metallic silvers and golds, I currently use cheap craft paint. They are already quite thin so they don’t need any water mixed in.

I do not fill the bottles all the way, as a full bottle is often harder to squeeze. If paint doesn’t come out easily, add a little more water. If paint pours out of the bottle, you need more paint.

Care: These bottles can clog! It is important to always cap your bottles right when you are finished using them. Especially with the Precision Applicators. Letting paint dry in the tip can ruin the bottle. I keep a spool of 26 gauge wire in my paint box to run through the tips if they do clog. For stubborn clogs, disassemble the tip and soak in hot soapy water. Try running the wire through the tip every couple of hours until the clog breaks loose.

I hope this article helped you decide which applicator bottle you’ll need. My personal favorite is the standard condiment squeeze bottle because it has such a diverse use. Check out my other articles to read about my other favorite paints and tools.

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