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The Best Acrylic Powder in 2021

acrylic powder

To achieve the in-style acrylic nail look, you’ll have to purchase an acrylic powder. When you are ready to apply the acrylic to your nails, you will combine the acrylic powder with a monomer, which binds the powder to the nail.

Different colors of powder can achieve different results. There are a rainbow of colors, glitters, and glow-in-the dark powders to suit whatever type of nails you are looking for. 

You can also achieve interesting effects on your nails. You can combine multiple colors to create gradient style nails, stripes, swirls and just about anything you can dream up. You can purchase acrylic powders from any manufacturer store, beauty supply store, or even Amazon. 

Many people use white, clear, or pink acrylic powder to create a basic nail and then top it with their favorite nail polish. While you can do this, of course, you can create some really amazing designs by using colored acrylic powder instead. The result is not achievable with just nail polish itself. 

Depending on your experience, you may decide that you want to purchase a set with multiple colors of acrylic powder, or perhaps you are looking for a great clear powder that you can use again and again. No matter what you are looking for, you’ll be pleased with our recommendations!

Best Acrylic Powder Set

We recommend the Modelones 24 Pc Candy Cane Acrylic Powder Set due to its versatility and number of options. The set comes with 24 tubs of acrylic powder in various shades, including some glitters. You’ll never run out of choices with the number of colors that come with the set, giving you tons of opportunities to create gradients, stripes, and other effects. 

modelones candy cane acrylic powder set

Whether you are a nail tech or beginner nail artist, you’ll need acrylic powder to create stunning visual effects. Buying a large kit that comes with a range of colors provides you with the opportunity to practice, get creative, and test techniques. 

Getting the hang of shaping acrylic nails can take some time, especially if you build them up from a form. Having lots of colors to choose from can take your nail art to the next level. You can try to create gradients, dip color effects, and colored nails with just your monomer, colorful acrylic powders and adhesive. 

Key Product Features

  • 24 piece set
  • Comes in a rainbow of solid colors and glitters
  • Includes instructions for use


  • Lasts for 2-3 weeks
  • Tons of colors
  • Great for practice


  • Doesn’t work with some monomers
  • Small containers at .3 oz

Customer Reviews

“I loved the colors. Beginner friendly. Easy to work with. Will be purchasing again!” Keishla S.

“I definitely recommend this brand and ESPECIALLY this specific color set.” Username: Ladybuggggs

Best Clear Acrylic Powder

We recommend the Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail System Clear Acrylic Powder for its price point and high ratings. This clear acrylic powder is best for anyone looking to create basic acrylic sets that have a partially clear finish, although the finished nails can be painted over with nail polish, as well. 

mia secret professional nail clear acrylic powder

One of the most in-style acrylic nail designs is the stiletto nail. The stiletto nail requires being built over a form with an acrylic powder and monomer. Many of the in-style designs that are popular online feature a crystal clear nail, which requires a clear acrylic powder. 

In addition to creating unique shapes with your clear acrylic powder, you can create embedded designs. You can use glitter powders, nail art embeds and more to create a unique design encased in clear acrylic. And furthermore, you can even use acrylic paint to paint designs on your clear nails!

Key Product Features

  • Clear acrylic powder
  • 4 oz. size tub


  • Can be used for dip method
  • Crystal clear finished nail
  • Reasonable price point
  • High-quality


  • Sometimes clumps

Customer Reviews

“This is good for people just starting out with acrylic. The consistency is really nice compared to what I had before (other product was really grainy but this was fine and smooth) and it’s a good amount.” A. Jefferson

“This acrylic powder is so easy to work with. I definitely recommend it for beginners.” Dannie R.

Best Acrylic Powder Starter Kit

We recommend the Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit as a basic starter kit. The kit comes with everything you need. Whether you are trying to do your nails for the first time or you are a budding nail tech that wants to practice with less-expensive supplies, this kit has it all. 

morovan powder starter kit

Kiss nail kits are also a great option.

The kit includes the following: 

  • 3 brushes in sizes #4, #8, and #12
  • A miniature nail file
  • A monomer dish
  • Nail forms
  • 1.3 oz bottle of monomer
  • .5 oz tubs of acrylic powder in white, clear and pink
  • Carving powders in 6 different colors

This kit is ideal for anyone looking to learn how to create and shape their own nails without nail extensions. It includes forms and the required components to make the in-style stiletto shaped nail. Whatever style of nail you are trying to learn, you can start with this kit because it has all the basics and a few little extras. 

For our other recommendations on acrylic nail kits, check out our post on best acrylic nail kits!

Key Product Features

  • Includes brushes, acrylic powders, and monomer
  • Includes 6 carving powders
  • Everything needed to do a full set of acrylic nails


  • Full set of tools for a full set of nails
  • Multiple colors of acrylic powder
  • Lowest Price


  • Very small amount of product
  • Poor quality brushes

Customer Reviews

“This kit has everything you need to get started. Good quality and I would recommend.” Victoria

“Great product, you just have to know how to do acrylics properly, I definitely recommend getting a separate primer/dehydrator.” Natalia O.

Best Glow-In-The-Dark Acrylic Powder

We recommend Saviland Acrylic Powder Set in glow-in-the-dark colors. The set comes with ten different colors of acrylic powder to create glow-in-the-dark nails. Like with other acrylic powder sets, the sky is really the limit. 

glow in the dark acrylic powder

The best part about the Saviland Acrylic Powder Set in glow-in-the-dark colors is that the daytime pigments are incredibly rich and vibrant. You can wear a brightly colored set of nails that look great all on their own, but also have that extra pop of glow-in-the-dark fun at night or in a dark setting. 

This set is great for anyone who is a little more adventurous with their nails or who is looking to have lots of colors to practice with. You can create gradients, swirls, and more with all of the color options that are included. 

Key Product Features

  • 10 different colors
  • .35 oz tubs


  • Can be used to create interesting effects
  • Can be used to dip nails
  • Large variety of colors


  • Small jars
  • Some reviews say the product is difficult to work with

Customer Reviews

“I love these powders! I love the colors that glow in the dark, and they are very pigmented in the light.” Kristina

“This product is great for beginners starting their acrylic collection” Jena

Final Thoughts

 Acrylic powder is an important ingredient for creating the perfect set of nails. You can really go all out and choose a set of acrylic powder that has everything you are looking for from brightly colored to glitter to glow-in-the-dark. 

If you are a beginner, try using a starter kit so that you have everything you need to get started. Otherwise, if you have all of the other products already, you can replenish your acrylic powder sets by purchasing a set of multiple colors. 

And as mentioned previously, you can use acrylic paint to create fun designs on your nails. The benefit is that it’s cost effective and you can create one-of-a-kind nails. You might be wondering if acrylic paint is safe for use on your nails – and if you are, we recommend you read our article outlining acrylic paint safety.

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